Capital Allowances Tax Training – 24th October – Free

Doncaster & District Law Society is putting on a Free Course for members on Capital Allowances , the implications  and arrangements for claiming them together with implications for Firms and COLP Compliance .

Course Content:

What Capital Allowances Are

How to Find Savings for your Clients

Implications of the 2012 Finance Bill on Commercial Property transactions

Dangers of Restricting advice on Capital Allowances from Contract Terms

Mitigating Liability for Your Solicitor’s Firm

Help Completing S19 of the CPSE (since 2012 Finance Bill this is VITAL to get right)

What are Section 198s?

Why it is now essential to use Section 198s and how to get them right

Implications of incorrect completion or submission of S198s

Suggested additions to contract terms to protect you from incorrect submission of S198s

Advice for your COLP on remaining compliant as far as Capital Allowances are concerned

David Law – Course Provider : 

I suspect that I have done training to more firms of solicitors on Capital Allowances than anyone else in the country.

Portal’s Head Technician is on the HMRC’s advisory panel for Capital Allowances

We have a 100% success rate with claims with the HMRC

We believe we have done more Capital Allowance claims than any other Capital Allowance specialist firm in the country.


HSR Law, 8 South Parade, Doncaster, DN1 2ED

On 24th October 2pm.

Bookings may be made by emailing

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