Notice of the AGM of Doncaster Law Society – 8th July 12.30pm Regent Hotel Doncaster

training tableNotice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of Doncaster Law Society will take place on 8th July @ 12.30pm Regent Hotel Doncaster

In accordance with the rules of the Society the business to be extracted is :

1 – Receive the Annual Accounts of the Society 

2 – Approve the Accounts and the Proposed Budget for 2014/15 

3 – Receive a Report on the Proposed Training Plan for 2014/15 

4- Amendment to the Rules 

5 – Presidents Remarks on the last 12 Months 

6 – Election of Officers 

7 – Guest Speaker 

Lunch will be provided to those in attendance at no charge .

In respect of Nominations I would invite nominations for the following positions which are subject to election by 12 noon 30th June .

Junior Vice President 



Public Relations Officer

Training Officer

Social Officer

We would also welcome a representative of each firm to join the Committee which meets once a month usually on the second Tuesday on the month at 5.30pm

The Senior Vice President is unable to serve as President for the ensuing year and it has been agreed that the current President will hold office for a second year with the Senior Vice President Emma Beazley assuming office in 12 months time .

The Junior Lawyers Representative is made up of a rotating representative from the Doncaster Junior Lawyers Division .

We hope you will support the event and pop along for a free lunch . To help numbers please complete the form below :


Mark Newby

Honorary Secretary


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