All Change at Doncaster Law Society

1It has been a tumultuous time for Doncaster Law Society which has looked carefully at itself and the future of the Doncaster Legal community  . This started in July when the Society confronted its members with the fact that greater engagement was required if our historical society was to survive .

Whilst some may have feared the worst this seems to have been a catalyst for the Society to be embraced by the members and particularly by younger lawyers within our community .

This came to a fruition today when a new team was elected mixing some experience with plenty of new enthusiasm for the society .

As a result we can now not only look to the future but we also start along that road with a dynamic committee to make this vision a reality .

Of course When as Secretary I started this process off I had little idea it would end with being honoured with the difficult task of leading the Society over the next 9 months or so . We have a lot to do but the rewards will be great for our Society and our Legal Community if we can all pull together .

I look forward to facing those challenges ahead with you .


Mark Newby

President Doncaster & District Law Society