Coronavirus Guidance From The Law Society – Business as usual for now

Guidance is now starting to be made available for the Legal Profession as the virus impact spreads

The Law Society is now starting to build a set of resources for Solicitors as the pace of this deadly virus quickens .

The guidance now available is clearly going to change as the anticipated spread of the virus increases and it seems likely that the consueqneces are going to be with the legal profession for an extended period to come .

Practitioners should access the law Society guidance here :

Essentially Solicitors and those they represent should continue to attend Court unless they have the suspected virus . In those circumstances specific advice should be sought as to alternative arrangements on a case by case basis . This may prove to be less practical in the virus spreads too widely , but at this stage it is important to take a measured approach and retain as much normality as possible .

Full guidance is also available about how to assess the virus and take sensible precautions in the work place .

We will post further information when there is a signficant change in advice .