magistrates court sittings 27/4/20

Note Change to Guidance below just released

[On Monday 27th April, Barnsley and Sheffield prisoners will be produced as they have been doing at Sheffield Combined court. 

From Tuesday 28th April, a small number of prisoners will appear via remote hearing to Sheffield Combined Court. The remaining Shepcote Lane prisoners and Barnsley will be produced at Sheffield Combined Court. Defendants from Doncaster custody suite will be produced at Doncaster Magistrates’ Court. ]

Following on going work the Court has now announced the Sitting Pattern for next week . This sees Sheffield Testing remote working whilst Doncaster still has elements to come on stream .

Courts Continue to do Priority 1 Work only i.e Custody Cases , Domestic Violence etc .

This is the rota for the week commencing 27 April 2020.

This week we start the remote hearings in South Yorkshire.

These will run from Sheffield Combined Court for next week and their progress will be reviewed.

The Plan is to still move all South Yorkshire work into Doncaster Magistrates’ Court, however we will do this when we have the remote remand court dealing with most, if not all the Shepcote Lane prisoners.

We will continue to deal with priority 1 work, however we are dealing with some trials, which are priority custody trials. These are marked below in the relevant courts.

This email has also been sent to all Humber and South Yorkshire stakeholders

Barnsley priority 1 work will be dealt with in Sheffield Combined Court

Doncaster - The Libra list will be in Court 7.

Monday  – Court 1 remand Court

Tuesday – Court 7 remand court all day

Wednesday - Court 7 remand court all day

Thursday - Court 7 remand AM; remand/PCVL PM

Friday – Court 7 remand court all day. The trial of Nicholson will be listed

Saturday – Court 1 PACE Court

Sheffield – sitting in Sheffield Combined Court in courts 1 ( and 2 on Monday and Friday). The Libra lists will be in courts 1 and 2 as below. The remote remand courts will commence on Tuesday 28 April.

Monday - – Court 1 remand court. the trial of Brammall will be listed in court 1; Court 2 PCVL court all day Sheffield PCVL AM and Barnsley PCVL PM -  Court 2

Tuesday – remand court 1 all day; Remote remand court in court 2. The numbers will be capped to 3

Wednesday – remand court 1 all day: Remote remand court in court 2. The numbers will be capped to 3

Thursday - remand court 1 all day; Remote remand court in court 2. The numbers will be capped to 4. The numbers will be reviewed on Thursday afternoon in preparation for Friday and the following week.

Friday – remand court 1 all day; Remote remand court 2 AM and PCVL PM

Saturday – Court 1 PACE Court; Court 2 standby PACE court (to be confirmed)

Information on the consolidated courts can be found here:

The remaining scheduled work to be heard over the course of the week, will be adjourned or remanded to future hearing dates. Notice of the dates and times of these hearing will be provided in due course. Bail will be extended on the same terms as previously granted by the court. Any queries about future hearing dates along with any case applications will need to be communicated to the court via email using the following mailboxes;

Hull and Beverley Magistrates’ Court -

Grimsby Magistrates’ Court -

Sheffield Magistrates-

Barnsley Magistrates -

Doncaster Magistrates -

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