Criminal Legal Aid Roundtable Event 8th July 2021 5.30 pm to 7.00pm

The Yorkshire Union of Law Societies working jointly with the Law Society would like to invite criminal legal aid practitioners in Yorkshire to a virtual roundtable discussion with Sir Christopher Bellamy QC.

As you may know, Sir Christopher Bellamy QC is chairing an independent review of the criminal legal aid system. The review will look at ensuring the long-term sustainability of the criminal legal aid system Sir Christopher is aiming to put forward his conclusions and proposals to the Lord Chancellor later in 2021. This spring/summer Sir Christopher is engaging directly with criminal legal aid practitioners, travelling in person to areas across the country as well as engaging virtually.

The Yorkshire virtual roundtable will be held on Thursday 8th July between 5.30pm to 7pm and we would like each of the local law societies in Yorkshire to be represented.  Criminal legal aid practitioners will have the opportunity to speak directly with Sir Christopher and put across their key issues and experiences. We are looking to have approximately twelve participants at the roundtable to ensure that there is plenty of time for an open conversation and I would be most grateful if you could nominate a criminal legal aid practitioner from your local area who would like to attend the round table event  . IN the absence of a nominaiton wider invitations will be made to fill the 12 places .

DWM Barraclough

Council Member

The Law Society

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