Social mobility training 13th July

The Law Society

Improving social mobility is vitally important to the legal profession. Not only is it our altruistic duty to help those from impoverished backgrounds, but by being more inclusive we can ensure that we have access to the best and brightest new lawyers out there, no matter where they came from. This is particularly relevant to DDLS members, given the economic situation of some of the areas in our region.

The Law Society recognises this too and is hosting a free webinar on the 13th July 2021 to explain how we can all play our part in improving social mobility and access to the profession. Full details are in the email below.

We would encourage all our DDLS member firms to send at least one representative to attend to show how enthusiastic we are about this and so that we can be at the forefront of any initiatives that are being proposed.

If anyone would like to discuss further how we can encourage social mobility within our region, please feel free to contact me, the Diversity and Inclusion Representative for Doncaster and District Law Society, via the DDLS website or email address.

Kind Regards

Paul Singh

Diversity and Inclusion Officer / In-House Liaison Officer


Event Details

We are pleased to invite you to our Driving social mobility change in the profession webinar.

To deliver this informative webinar, we are partnering with leading research consultancy The Bridge Group to provide an overview of the current research and social mobility challenges in the profession. We will consider the opportunities and challenges in driving social mobility change.

We will also look at how existing social mobility initiatives, including the Law Society’s Diversity Access scheme, can be effective levers for change. Our distinguished panel will discuss issues such as the talent pipeline, and what the profession can do to close the social mobility divide.

Topics the webinar will address

  • The positive contribution made by solicitors from non-traditional backgrounds to the profession, and how diversity enhances organisations in the wider legal community.


  • Find out how some organisations are driving change to improve representation of solicitors from non- traditional backgrounds

Our expert speakers 

  • Moderator: Nik Miller, Chief Executive, Bridge Group
  • I. Stephanie Boyce, President, The Law Society
  • Sandra Wallace, Joint Managing Director, DLA Piper