Brew Monday




Brew Monday is on Monday, 16 January 2023.


It’s a day to check in on people, have a conversation and listen over a cup of tea or coffee.


The Samaritans are reminding everyone to reach out on Monday 16 January 2023 for a cup of tea and a catch up with the people you care about.


Our DDLS and DJLD members will find further information in the following link:


Brew Monday is the third Monday in January every year. This year it falls on January 16, and it is a time to schedule an on-line, phone or in person catch up with someone who may have otherwise found a cold grey winters day an obstacle for them.


The support group Samaritans created the Brew Monday campaign to counter ‘Blue Monday’ to give groups of friends a reason to stay in touch and share their troubles.


The idea came about from the Samaritans that this particular day is often referred to as ‘the most difficult day of the year’ and they decided they wanted to do something about it.


Brew Monday is a day to encourage people to do something small which could really make a difference to someone.


Brew Monday is the day to pay attention to and care for those in life who might need that bit of extra attention during this time of year.  It is a perfect opportunity to call or text someone you care about to see how they are doing, invite them over to have a chat or just to get them or you out of the house.


Local communities can get on board with Brew Monday by hosting, gathering or even arranging a virtual event that raises awareness for this cause.  Brew Monday events can happen virtually or in person and can be focused around the idea of catching up and checking in on those people you care about.  Some groups may want to turn Brew Monday into an event and help raise funds for charities like the Samaritans, perhaps meet up in a café or community space.


This Brew Monday we are encouraging our DDLS and DJLD members to reach out to people who might be feeling lonely and who might just want a chat or need someone to listen.  All you need to do to take part is reach out to someone and join in.  Members can also arrange their own event and/or raise money for the charity.  The link is attached.  Throughout the day there will be many events going on around in the community so if people are not able to join or create an event they can always go and attend a local event which may be taking place near them.


There may be events going on around the town/city which you can join.  Some Universities and Colleges are also hosting events so why not reach out, have a cuppa and a catch up with the people you care about this Brew Monday.


Shabana Ali – DDLS

Yasmin Walker - DJLD